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Transformer Upgrades

Winder Power is well equipped to carry out full overhauling and transformer upgrades to customer’s own transformers on voltages up to 132kV including the following service:

cooler bank transformer upgrade

Power Transformer Cooler Bank Upgrades

Winder Power is a market leader in the UK for on-site power transformer upgrades, replacement cooler banks , modifications, ONAF power rating enhancement and refurbishment works. Winder Power has a proven track record in this field and within the past two years, has provided over 30 transformer cooler bank upgrades.

Due to the cost involved with a new transformer there is growing demand for transformer upgrades with new cooler banks . In many cases the transformer tank itself is generally in good condition but the cooler bank can often be in poor condition, with the potential risk of failure. By carrying out a cooler bank transformer upgrade the life expectancy of a power transformer can be increased to last as long as the main transformer tank, which could be anything from 10-20 years depending on the specific site conditions. This has the benefit of reducing the asset owner’s capital expenditure.

Winder Power offers a bespoke service on cooler bank transformer upgrades, from smaller tasks such as treating & repainting metallic surfaces and repairing oil leaks, through to a fully engineered, state-of-the-art new cooler bank design. This would be supplied complete with a new A-Frame, radiators, pipework, marshalling kiosk, cooling fans and other associated protection & control devices.

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