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Winder Power Transformer Services & Maintenance

Transformer Servicing

Winder Power is much more than a world class designer and manufacturer of power transformers.

The company’s reputation has been founded just as much on the exceptional levels of added value transformer services it offers to its customers. Working with its customers every step of the way, Winder Power’s engineering and installation teams are well versed in the whole process, from product design and manufacturing through to installation and ongoing maintenance contracts. Key services provided include installation, cabling, upgrades, servicing, painting and testing. Testing is conducted at our recently upgraded transformer testing facility in Leeds.

  • On site maintenance and repairs to power and distribution transformersTransformer services | winder power
  • Replacement cable boxes and bushings
  • Oil treatment including oil changes, filtration and Ilovac oil analysis covering PCB,
 dissolved gas and routine tests
  • On load tap changer servicing
  • Testing and commissioning of transformers and associated protection equipment
  • Transformer fault diagnosis
  • Factory re-winds or partial re-winds
  • Cleaning and repainting transformer tanks and radiators

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