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Transformer Cabling

Winder Power engineers have extensive HV & LV transformer cabling experience gained with many of the country’s leading power and utilities companies.

Winder Power’s site services team have extensive transformer cabling experience, with specialist knowledge and skills in the field of installing, terminating and jointing power cables from low voltages  up to 132,000V.

Winder Power’s projects team is also highly experienced in the installation of signalling and communications cables as well as providing a full design solution. The use of extensive calculations and schematics is critical to providing the most effective approach to the required design criteria.

The projects team can also provide a range of civil works for cable installation needs, including ducting and trenching as well as laying appropriate sand layers and cable tiles. Reinstating the original surface, including concreting and tarmacking the top surface is all part of the service.

Transformer Cabling Containment

Winder Power specialises in cabling containment systems and can offer bespoke and sometimes quite intricate solutions utilising cable ladder, tray and uni-strut supports whereby the cables are fastened utilising the latest technology in cable ties, cleats, brackets and band-it fixing methods.

Transformer Cabling Testing

Our specialist commissioning engineers can also carry out many cable tests including insulation resistance, phase rotation, continuity, impedance, current leakage, high voltage withstand pressure, fault location and partial discharge.

Additional Transformer Cabling Services

The following transformer cabling services can also be offered: HV & LV cable pulling diversions and jointing, providing full compliance with all necessary regulations.

For peace of mind and to ensure customer satisfaction, all work is regularly subjected to inspection and approval from our senior project leaders prior to customer hand over.

Power Transformer Cabling | Winder Power

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