Winder Power Celebrates 365 Days Without Lost Time or Reportable Incident

At Winder Power we always set ourselves challenging targets.  We have grown the business very successfully and are very proud of the products we make.  Vital pieces of capital equipment transforming the electricity infrastructure of our country and made in Yorkshire!  We are really proud of that.

Today we take extra-special pride in something else – something that goes to the heart of everything we do, something that is top of our agenda and our most important target.

Today we are celebrating one whole year without a lost time or reportable incident.

Commenting on this success, Andy Pinkney, our Operations Director said;

‘I am really delighted by what our colleagues have achieved!  We started on this journey in the summer of 2012 by commissioning a baseline report.  We took every recommendation on board and decided to put safety very firmly at the top of our agendas.  Today we are seeing the benefit of that’.

We are on a journey and, as Andy said ‘There is no room for complacency, the journey doesn’t end here, we need to be vigilant and diligent in all we do’. 

The accompanying picture is the company’s safety committee which has been at the heart of the Winder Power safety journey.

Winder Power Safety Committee
winder power safety committee