Offshore & Global Transformer Maintenance

Transformer Services has engineers who are trained to work offshore having obtained the basic offshore safety induction and emergency training.

We have successfully refurbished and provided maintenance for oil and gas companies on platforms such as North Cormorant, Eider and Douglas and other offshore platforms in the North Sea.

Our engineers have worked globally maintaining, testing and installing transformers in Bahrain, Libya, Jamaica, Iraq, Singapore, Germany, France, Netherlands to name but a few regions.

We can undertake:

  • Transformer decommissioning
  • New transformer positioning
  • Assembly & commissioning
  • Basic maintenance: cleaning of surface and air ducts
  • Checks of electrical connections and mechanical tightness
  • Condition diagnostics
  • Failure investigation
  • Upgrades, modifications and repairs of terminals and cable boxes
  • Enclosure replacements
  • Adjustment and installation of temperature control system: temperature control unit settings, temperature sensors, fans, pumps etc
  • Also we can provide engineers for Substation inspections for asset register and/or defect reporting

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