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Cooler Bank Replacement

Winder Power Substation Services is a market leader in the UK for on-site power transformer upgrades, replacement cooler banks, modifications, ONAF power rating enhancement and refurbishment works.

Winder Power Substation Services has a proven track record in this field and within the past two years, has provided over 30 transformer cooler bank upgrades.

Due to the cost involved with a new transformer there is growing demand for transformer upgrades with new cooler banks. In many cases the transformer tank itself is generally in good condition but the cooler bank can often be in poor condition, with the potential risk
of failure. By carrying out a cooler bank transformer upgrade the life expectancy of a power transformer can be increased to last as long as the main transformer tank, which could be anything from 10-20 years depending on the specific site conditions. This has the benefit of reducing the asset owner’s capital expenditure.

Winder Power Substation Services offers a bespoke service on cooler bank transformer upgrades, from smaller tasks such as treating & repainting metallic surfaces and repairing oil leaks, through to a fully engineered, new cooler bank design. This would be supplied complete with a new A-Frame and Conny, radiators, pipework, marshalling kiosk, cooling fans and other associated protection & control devices.

Our Customers Include...

Electricity generation companies
in the UK and beyond including the largest coal fired power station in Western Europe

The rail industry including
Network Rail

Distribution network operators
throughout the UK

Oil, gas, petrochemical and industrial plants throughout the world

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