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Repairs and Rewinds

At Newton Derby, we are able to repair or rewind rotors and stators to match existing designs.  We have the expertise to assess the extent of any damage, and to replace the existing core and coils for units within our normal manufacturing capabilities. 

Rotors and stators manufactured by others are carefully dismantled and all details recorded, so that we can reproduce the original design. All repairs are tested to ensure that the integrity of the insulation has been maintained.  Rewinds are fully tested as for a new unit.

If you have an enquiry, please get in touch.

Tel: +44 113 255 5666
Email: sales@newtonderby.co.uk

Our Customers Include...

Electricity generation companies
in the UK and beyond including the largest coal fired power station in Western Europe

The rail industry including
Network Rail

Distribution network operators
throughout the UK

Oil, gas, petrochemical and industrial plants throughout the world

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