Power Transformers
A vital part of the electricity system

Electricity is something most of us take for granted. At Winder Power it goes right to the heart of everything we do. We design, manufacture, deliver and install the electricity power transformers which play a vital part in the country’s infrastructure.

Winder Electrical manufacture a range of power transformers, up to 60MVA at 132kV. These can be of standard step-down design; CER type or special type for specific applications such as steel rolling mills; Thyristor converters or DC rectifiers.

Tap changing can be either off circuit or on load, equipped for manual/automatic, local remote or parallel control. Indoor remote tap changer control panels suit individual requirements can also be provided.

Full protection of the power transformers can be achieved by fitting oil and winding temperature indicators with alarm and trip facilities, Buchholz relays, pressure relief devices and protection CT’s.

Cables can be terminated into air or compound cable boxes, suitable for top or bottom entry, or alternatively turret mounted, outdoor weatherproof bushings can be provided.

We specialise in primary transformers! They are referred to as primary transformers because they transform power in primary distribution substations; normally transforming the voltage levels from 33,000 volts to 11,000 volts. We have designed and manufactured over 100 primary transformers in the past four years for some of the leading network companies in the country.

We have a very experienced team. Our team have over 30 years’ experience and have designed transformers up to 400kV and 240MVA. Our designs are efficient and can be tailored to meet specific system needs and losses. Our units are designed to meet all necessary service requirements and are inherently robust. Our in-service history is very strong and underlines our capability.

Every power grid in the world operates on the basis of a series of interconnected networks of different voltage levels. Transformers represent the key component in, literally, transforming power from one network to another.

We specialise in designing and manufacturing power transformers up to a rating of 60MVA. We have term contracts with three major network operators in the United Kingdom for 33/11kV primary power transformers.

We have designed and manufactured over one hundred of these power transformers in the past few years. They are in service from right up in the Orkney Islands off the north coast of Scotland to the south of England.

Winder Power’s Leeds-built power transformers are distributing electricity to approximately 500,000 homes and businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

In addition Winder’s Power transformers are distributing power in some of the largest petro-chemical and industrial plants in the United Kingdom and the Middle-East.

Winder Power transformers also connect several substation renewable energy schemes, such as wind farms, supplying the country’s energy needs.

Our Customers Include...

Electricity generation companies
in the UK and beyond including the largest coal fired power station in Western Europe

The rail industry including
Network Rail

Distribution network operators
throughout the UK

Oil, gas, petrochemical and industrial plants throughout the world

We would be delighted to discuss your power transformer requirements