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Factory Refurbishment

At Winder Power we understand the drivers of our customers and what lies behind their asset management plans.

We understand the need to extend asset lives through refurbishing existing assets especially with regard to power transformers. We offer a unique, 12 stage power transformer refurbishment service in our modern, state-of-the-art factory in the heart of the UK, which is ideal for assets that can be taken offline whilst any work is undertaken.

Bringing the transformer back to our factory allows us to offer a complete overhaul, including detanking, drying, shot blasting and painting. We can also upgrade bushings and tap changers if required. Most importantly we can then run a complete set of tests using our in-house testing facility.

Our Customers Include...

Electricity generation companies
in the UK and beyond including the largest coal fired power station in Western Europe

The rail industry including
Network Rail

Distribution network operators
throughout the UK

Oil, gas, petrochemical and industrial plants throughout the world

We would be delighted to discuss your power transformer requirements


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