We design and manufacture a range of distribution transformers. They comply with the requirements of ENATS 35-1 and BS EN 60076 as applicable.

Distribution transformers are typically used on the electricity network to supply homes with 230 volts and small businesses with 400 volts. 

Distribution transformers transform electricity from the 11kV distribution network to the low voltages used to power appliances and small machines. They normally supply electricity to around 800 homes and small businesses and are typically rated at around 1,000 kVA.

Distribution transformers of this size can also be used in a range of specialist industrial applications.

At Winder Power we design and manufacture these distribution transformers to meet your specific requirements, all from our modern 80,000 square foot factory in the heart of Yorkshire.

The high voltage flanges of our distribution transformers are suitable for direct coupling to ring main units, fuse switches or oil switches, and the low voltage flanges are suitable for direct coupling to distribution pillars to form a complete substation. Cable boxes can be provided for either air or compound filled terminations.

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