Alternators & Generators

Newton Derby specialises in producing bespoke alternators and generators, usually for the rail industry or for military applications where harsh environmental conditions demand a rugged and reliable design.

With a rich history of excellence in the design and build of special electrical machines, we are proud to be a British Manufacturer.

From our Pudsey, Leeds offices and manufacturing facilities we serve a wide range of customers throughout the UK and to over 20 countries worldwide.

Rail Alternators & Generators (Auxiliary Traction)

Our rail alternators are used to power air conditioning units and other auxiliary equipment such as catering facilities onboard the train.

Conforming to IP65 rating, and therefore dust-tight and effective against water jets, our alternators are built to withstand the daily rigours of the rail industry environment. Each machine comes with a relevant manufacturer’s warranty, with the length and options depending on the individual specification and circumstances.

These are also known as Auxiliary Traction Alternators or Generators.

An End-to-End Service

Our typical full service solution would comprise the following project journey:

  1. Enquiry received
  2. Initial specification developed along with a cost estimate
  3. Technical team put project proposal forward
  4. Solidworks CAD Drawing developed
  5. The above presented for customer approval and sign-off
  6. Unit(s) manufactured to agreed timescales
  7. Testing and final 50 point inspection
  8. Unit professionally packed for transit – suitable for road, air, sea or storage


  • Bespoke design and manufacturing service
  • Spare Parts available for 20 years following commissioning
  • Compliance with Rail Industry standard
  • Servicing & Maintenance Contracts available
  • On-site or Factory Refurbishment available
Technical Specifications

Alternators, Generators and Motors can be designed and manufactured to meet any specification.

These include High Frequency outputs such as 125Hz, 400Hz, 850Hz and 1100Hz, brushless and slip ring generator options and various case and mounting arrangements.

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