Air-Cooled & Cast Resin Transformers

Winder Power manufactures a range of air-cooled, dry type Class 220 insulated transformers, with or without enclosures. They are particularly suitable for use at high temperatures and in tunnelling applications.

The units are ideal for installation into switchgear cabinets or ventilated cubicles and present a reduced fire hazard.

Winder Power’s air-cooled dry type transformers have gained a reputation for safety and reliability and were chosen by Transmanche Link to supply the power for the construction of the Channel Tunnel under the most arduous of conditions. Air-cooled, dry type class 220 transformers contain no liquid to pollute the ground or water supplies, which means that no measures to guard against spillage are required.

Our design and construction capacity can satisfy many diverse needs and applications, such as; autotransformers, reactors and earthing transformers, transformers for 6-12-18-24-36 pulse rectifiers, HV-HV and LV-LV transformers, three single phase transformers, triple windings transformers, as well as applications for traction and testing rooms.

Furthermore, cast resin transformers can cope well with overloads found in most typical installations, whilst the quality technology employed in the manufacturing process of windings gives the product a high level of reliability.

Applications for Air-Cooled, Dry Type Transformers:

  • Quarrying, tunnelling or mining environments
  • Basements, roofs or any other location in factories
  • High rise buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Department stores
  • Exhibition halls
  • Subways

Standard Accessories

Standard accessories supplied with all transformers are:

  • N.3 PT100 probes for windings temperature
  • N.4 lifting eyebolts
  • N.4 bidirectional wheels
  • N.2 earthing link
  • N.1 identification plate
  • Tapping terminal board on MV side

Accessories Supplied On Request

Forced cooling System

We manufacture forced cooling systems in their entirety from our production facility. This kind of ventilation guarantees the correct forced circulation of air inside every single column for both three phase and single phase transformers. Thanks to the ventilation system it is estimated that a 40% increase of power is possible from the transformer (for a short period). We suggest using the forced cooling system in conjunction with PWR12 as this device is specially developed for the control of electric motors, particularly those fitted to the ventilation systems, and is able to diagnose motor faults by valuing changes in the current drawn.

Anti-vibration Pads for transformers wheels

It’s an intelligent, compact and cheap device with the function of reducing vibrations and noise of the transformers. Where transformers are located in a noise sensitive area, such as hospitals, offices, apartments or buildings, the pads manufactured by Winder Power could be the correct solution against these problems. There are two kinds of anti-vibration pads suitable for standard wheel sizes fitted to the distribution transformers.

Transformer Classes

Climatic class C2
Transformer suitable for working, transport and storage with temperatures as low as -25°C.

Environmental class E2
Transformer suitable for working in environments subject to frequent condensation or heavy pollution, or a combination of both of them.

Fire class F1
Transformers subject to a fire hazard. They present a restricted inflammability, low emission of toxic substances and opaque fumes.

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