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Reactors are special transformers that are used widely in AC networks to limit current and to control voltage and load flow.

Series reactors are special transformers that are used for current limitation by adding reactance into the network.  This reduces the short-circuit current in the network, which can reduce the required switchgear current rating.

Series reactors can also be used to limit the starting current of large motors with direct-on-line starting.

Shunt reactors are special transformers that are widely used in distribution and power networks for voltage control and load flow, by absorbing lagging VArs.  This allows network operators to maintain voltage variation within statutory limits and to avoid overloading of critical circuits. 

At Winder Power, we have considerable experience of designing and manufacturing iron-shielded and gapped core reactors.  We can build shunt reactors up to 20MVAr at 33kV, and series reactors up to 66kV, 60MVA throughput.  Our reactors are designed and manufactured to national and  international standards (BS or IEC).  We would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.

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