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On site refurbishment of 1 x 90MVA, 132kV transformer
Trowse, Norfolk

Scope of work

  • Onsite refurbishment of 1 x 90MVA, 132kV transformer.
  • Main Transformer lid gasket changeover.
  • Extract oil samples from the Grid & Aux transformer main tank before the commencement of the works and upon completion.
  • Partially drain 15000 litres of oil from the transformer.
  • Refill and oil filtration on completion of refurbishment works.
  • Full scaffolding erected throughout the jobs.
  • Re-gasket any leaks on the transformer including, Transformer lid inspection covers, instrument capillary pockets, tank side inspection covers, tap changer covers and any oil leaks on the earthing transformer.
  • Steam cleaning of 132kV Transformer including ancillary equipment.
  • Full painting of the transformer including cooler bank and auxiliary transformer.
  • Full scaffolding erected throughout the jobs.
  • Conservator sight glasses changed.
  • All transformer breathers changed.
  • All new warning labels.
  • Contaminated bund stones removed and changed with new.

Refurbishment of 132kV & 33kV Bushings

  • Carry out Tan delta testing of 132kV & 33kV bushings, before and after bushing removal.
  • All 132kV & 33kV bushings removed and an offsite inspection, repair/refurb completed.
































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