Stockinish Isle of Harris

Installation & commissioning of 1 x 2.5MVA, 33/11.5kV transformer
Stockinish, Isle of Harris

Scope of work

  • Design, manufacture and testing of 1 x 2.5MVA, 33/11.5kV transformer.
  • Full in-house routine testing & partial discharge.
  • Delivery of new 2.5MVA transformer from Winder Power, Leeds to Stockinish, Isle of Harris and off-loading using 100t crane off-loaded onto hydraulic skidding equipment which was then skidded 5m in the transformer housing and jacked down into position.

Disconnection and removal of the customers existing transformer located at Stockinish.

Full commissioning works as per the customers specification which includes;

  • Insulation resistance of each winding
  • Core & secondary circuits
  • Transformer ratio check
  • Vector group check by 3 phase low voltage energisation of transformer
  • Checks on all CTs & VTs for insulation resistance
  • Ratio & magnetisation curves
  • Operation of tapchanger through range & operation of limit switches
  • Operation of protection equipment
  • Oil sampling for routine
  • Water & dissolve gas analysis.

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