Parkstone Dorset

Installation & commissioning of 2 x 20/40MVA, 33/11.5kV transformers
Parkstone, Dorset

Scope of work

  • Manufacture and testing of 2 x 15/30MVA, 33/11.5kV, ONAN/ONAF power transformers.
  • Full in-house routine, lightning impulse, noise, zero sequence, temperature rise, and partial discharge testing.

Delivery, off-loading, assembly of cooler bank, radiators, fans & conservators on-site.

Full commissioning works as per the customers specification which includes;

  • Insulation resistance of each winding
  • Core & secondary circuits
  • Transformer ratio check
  • Vector group check by 3 phase low voltage energization of transformer
  • Checks on all CTs & VTs for insulation resistance
  • Ratio & magnetization curves
  • Operation of tap changer through range & operation of limit switches
  • Operation of protection equipment
  • Oil sampling for routine
  • Water & dissolve gas analysis.

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