Ecclesfield Sheffield

On site refurbishment of 2 x 15/18.75MVA 66/11.5kV Transformers
Ecclesfield, Sheffield

Scope of work

  • Extract oil samples from the main tank before the commencement of the works and upon completion.
  • Fully drain the transformer of oil, store locally off site, noting ERTS requirements.
  • Arrange for a mobile oil filtration unit to de gas and circulate the oil for 12 hours as per customer specifications.
  • Supply/fit 1 No 3DE buchholz relay, c/w bleed and sampling pipes/taps.
  • Supply/fit 1 No Brownell size W dehydrating breather.
  • Supply/fit 1 No new Qualitrol 208 series 12PSI PRD with deflector shield.
  • Control kiosk to be preserved by carrying out any patch repairs to the steel work as necessary, renew the rubber door seals as required.

Replacing the existing 18 No elliptical tube type radiators and fit 8 No new radiators.

  • Steam clean transformer and concrete base.
  • Rust treat and paint as per the customer specification: Main transformer tank, cooler frame, conservator and pipework, NER, Control kiosk, and aux transformer.
  • Complete all small auxiliary wiring for the buchholz as per the specification.
  • Labels – Supply and fit new warning labels.
  • Re-gasket flange connections that are leaking oil including, 3 No main 6” valves inspection covers on the main cover, instrument capillary pocket on the main cover, tank side inspection covers, bellows on header pipes, tap changer covers.

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