One of the UK's leading manufacturers of Power & Distribution Transformers

Power Transformers

At Winder Power it goes right to the heart of everything we do. We design, manufacture, deliver and install the electricity power transformers which play a vital part in the country’s infrastructure.

Distribution Transformers

Winder Power designs and manufactures a range of distribution transformers, complying with the requirements of ESI 35-1 and BSEN60076 (2000) as applicable.

Substation Services

Working with our customers every step of the way, our engineering and installation teams are well versed in the whole process from product design and manufacturing through to installation and ongoing maintenance contracts.

Factory Refurbishment

We understand the drivers of our customers and what lies behind their asset management plans. We offer a unique, 12 stage power transformer refurbishment service in our modern, state-of-the-art factory.

Permanent Magnet Generators

With our expertise in PMG/PMA technology, Newton Derby is able to offer a range of self-contained PMG machines.

Excitation, Rotors and Stators

Newton Derby is a supplier of Exciter Machines to the world’s major manufacturers of large Synchronous Generators and motors.

Winder Power Group

Is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of specialist generators for the rail, military, aviation and power generator sectors. Products include high frequency alternators, permanent magnet generators and synchronous machine exciters.

Is a specialist in the design, test, build, deployment and management of power systems from distribution transformers and switchgear for offices and factories to large scale transformer applications for major blue-chip companies.

Is the site services division for the Winder Power Group. Our specialist in-house team has over 100 years, combined experience in providing full range of services to companies of all sizes, from major utilities to specialist contractors.

Ecodesign Directive
Compliance Doesn't
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Our Customers


Winder Power just finishing the pre-assembly of a new cooler bank for a nuclear site in the south east. Installation will be taking place over the next few weeks.

Many thanks to Eddsion & Wanless for their support.

Routine and type tests have just been completed on this 33/11.5kV 20/40MVA transformer.

Type tests included Lightning Impulse, Temperature Rise and Sound pressure level.

All testing was done in house and witnessed by our customer through our remote camera system.


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