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PMGs & Exciters

Permanent Magnet Generators

With our expertise in PMG/PMA technology, Newton Derby is able to offer a range of self-contained PMG machines.

Excitation, Rotors and Stators

Newton Derby is a supplier of Exciter Machines to the world’s major manufacturers of large Synchronous Generators and motors.

Bespoke Alternators & Generators

Newton Derby specializes in producing bespoke alternators and generators, usually for the rail industry or for military applications where harsh environmental conditions demand a rugged and reliable design.

Repairs & Rewinds

At Newton Derby, we are able to repair or rewind rotors and stators to match existing designs. We have the expertise to assess the extent of any damage, and to replace the existing core and coils for units within our normal manufacturing capabilities.


Here are just a few of our Accreditations…